The Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property is among the top ranked intellectual property and technology journals in the country. The Journal addresses subjects relating to intellectual property and the intersection of law and technology and publishes articles on a variety of topics including: copyright, trademark, patents, the Internet, media, telecommunications, health care, antitrust, e-discovery, and trial and litigation technology. The online format of the Journal permits these rapidly developing issues to be addressed in a timely manner by combining scholarly analyses with an up-to-date examination of the most recent changes in intellectual property and technology law. To accomplish this goal, the Journal publishes three full issues each year.

The Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property is proud to be featured in the prestigious Intellectual Property Law Review for its publication of Inter Partes Reexamination and Improving Patent Quality by Robert Shang. Mr. Shang’s article is considered among the most influential intellectual property articles published in 2009. Authors interested in publishing with the Journal should examine our submissions page.

The Journal is dedicated to the analysis of the burgeoning body of academic, business, newsworthy and legal issues regarding the rapidly increasing and shifting field of intellectual property and technology law. Because intellectual property and technology law is an interdisciplinary field, this Journal addresses law at the intersection of domestic and international economics, ethics, and medicine, to name but a few, including but not limited to law and biotechnology, copyrights, the Internet, media, patents, telecommunications, and trademarks.

The format of this Journal, which combines the traditional scholarship of law Journals with timely news features, best serves the Journal’s mission to provide timely news and multidisciplinary legal scholarship by academics, policymakers and attorneys on a variety of emerging and/or important intellectual property and technology topics. The Journal does this by uniting the conventional Journal elements of articles, working papers, comments, and book reviews with the advantages of an online Journal, including news articles, interviews, columns, a connection to intellectual property and technology events at Northwestern Law, and more.

The Journal provides insightful and timely perspectives on intellectual property and technology law, an important area in the academic, legal and business communities. Students involved with the Journal gain specialized knowledge of intellectual property and technology law, work with practitioners who provide valuable professional connections, gain leadership experience and Web site skills, and improve their legal research, writing and editing abilities. The Board of Advisors is an important resource for ideas about articles and news pieces, and provides connections to experts and leaders in those areas.

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